1. Right Now

Cash Poor. Dirt Rich
Released May 2017
All rights reserved


Well it ain't no news to me
That things have been going round so damn crazy and I
Just cant believe what it's doing to us baby
But that door opens up and your on your way out
No kissing no touching lord help us now
We're so busy burning our love to the ground

So if your going to leave
Do it right now
Pack up all your things
And head on out to the spot
Where you can sort those feelings out
Cause theres that look that speaks so loud
Saying your half way in but your half way out
So get gone long gone till theres no doubt
Baby do it right now

Well I'm far from being some perfect guy
I've made my mistakes
But I'll always try to put you first in everything i do
Cause that ring on the shelf is wearing me out and your I'm just to tired is like pouring salt on a knife wound you buried in my chest

I'm not waiting on some jury or a judge
Just look me in the eye and tell me if you think that you'd be better off