Cash Poor. Dirt Rich
Released May 2017
All rights reserved


I've been thinking 'bout you girl got you on my mind
Thinking we should get together any place and time
Sit and talk about the weather with a glass of wine
Maybe someday you'll fall for this heart of mine
The better that I get to know you the more I see that
Your beauty is more than just skin deep
It's got me sitting here thinking 'bout where this could go
Am I awake I'll never really know

I dreamt this up
This can't be real
I cant explain the way I feel
With all these feelings coming over me
Like a wave crashing in the sea
Don't wake me up I'm fine right here
Your hand in mine for a hundred years
And I'll be holding on with all I've got
Never letting go never going to stop

So if you ever go to sleep and have me on your mind
Just so you know you can call me that'll be just fine
Any reason just to see you I'll stay up all night
Sitting thinking waiting for that sun to rise
The more I think of you the more I need you in my life
Wake up beside you in the glory of the morning light
I need you more than ever
I can't imagine better
Every morning without you cuts me like a knife

I'll be wishing on a shooting star
I hope you see it where you are
If it lands and your by my side
I won't believe my eyes