1. Outlaw

Cash Poor. Dirt Rich
Released May 2017
All rights reserved


I was born and raised down an old dirt road
with a copper still and and old wood stove
I've been running for days
Running shine since I turned sixteen and a Thousand more on my old mans knee
I've been running for days
Cause the law wanna put me away

I'm an outlaw I'm the devil's son
I've been in and out I'm a loaded gun
Wanted man go from farm to farm
I'm a step ahead of the laws long arm
Town to town and hole to hole
Going to hunt me down going to take my soul
I'm an outlaw

Days like this ill bring the heat
Cuz days like this we play for keeps
I've been working all day
Growing up we always did without
No one really cared so we helped ourselves
I've been working all day
The only way I know that pays

Been making shine for a thousand years
And they'll be making shine for a thousand more
We've been working all day
And now it's time to get out and play
Ya we're outlaws we're the devil's son
Going to turn it up ain't hurting no one
Worked all day in the mid day sun just to Party all night and to have some fun
We're outlaws we get out of control
Don't pray for me you cant save my soul
We're outlaws try to put us down
But 'fore tonight we're going to rock this town