From the recording Cold Beer Problems


So your feeling like ya hit a red light in your life
and its all down hill
so you feel like your back where you've been
dead end just spinning your wheels
so your thinking your hearts been broke
were all here in the same boat

woah oh oh oh oh
raise 'em up if you got 'em
cuz we're about to solve 'em
don't matter how big or small it is
aint nothing that a 12 or 6 cant fix
lets all twist off
our cold beer problems

if you've (ever) had a long day
that went the wrong way
just order up a round
get yourself a little high life
and get your head right
throw 'em down
take a sip and let the night go
where ever it wants to go


woah that's why we're here
make 'em all disappear